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Grasshopper to Generate a Structural Strategy

9 March, 2012



Stress-Informed Structure Design

5 March, 2012

Thanks to Carlos from Studio One at the CED for the introduction to importing stress data from Autodesk Simulator into a Grasshopper definition to inform design of structural members.

We’ll see where it goes from here…

A few things.

2 March, 2012

I just took the midterm exam for Structural Engineering!

As part of the Architecture 269 Urban Data course, I am running a Pachube live feed of the temperature, humidity, and light conditions of the cottage.

Here’s an image from the Mechanics of Materials (Engineering School) of the first concrete mix lab. Our lab group achieved a 3″ slump on our first try! Perfect!

Create a Live Feed

28 February, 2012

DHT + Photocell Feed

This is a link to a live feed of the temperature, humidity, and light conditions that are being read by two sensors which are part of a circuit I built with Arduino Uno.

If you’re paying attention, you should be confused.

28 February, 2012

“A line is a dot that went for a walk.” -Paul Klee

Pedagogical Sketchbook

Paul Klee was first introduced to me by Sanda Illiescu in her Architecture 102 : Lessons in Making class. It was one of the most influential classes I’ve taken, and I was a TA for the class in my fourth year at The University of Virginia. 102 is a foundational course for undergraduate architecture students in which they are taught methods of analysis and abstraction through drawing and making.

The assignment that sticks out to me was the “Line,” which required students to take a walk (like Klee’s dot)  and pair the meter of foot steps with a qualitative analysis, through sketches, notations, and an eventual line.

At the risk of sounding trite, the notion that a line could be anything other than a straightforward piece of geometry, completely blew my mind.

This is the point where I begin to understand the meaning of subtlety, materiality, phenomenal transparency, palimpsest, adjacency, continuity……………

….most importantly the intense process of design that leads to a discovery of meaning.

Things are Happening!

17 February, 2012

I’ve neglected this space, but I’ve devoted energy to so many interesting things since I left. Well, I’m back. For me and for you, whoever you are.

For now, while things get going again,

Studio: Lisa Iwamoto, CED UC BERKELEY

Project: Urban Pavilion, (currently a “Structural Surface Strategy.”)

Also, check out G+T Works from Winter 2010.

SNOW BRAWL – Charlottesville Derby Dames

19 February, 2010

I’ve recently become a member of the Charlottesville Derby Dames — skating 3-4 times a week, but also providing my graphic and building services for PR and merchandise display.

Photoshop CS4, stock images from google image search.